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About Possums in North Ryde

Two of the most common species of possums in North Ryde are the ring tailed possum and the brush trailed possum. Possums are nocturnal creatures which mean they shelter during the day and emerge to feed and wonder at night.

The most common place for possums to reside in is inside your roof. Usually through holes or broken tiles possums will make their way into your roof where to will remain and live until you have something to do about it.

You might not think having possums living in your roof is necessarily a bad thing but once they start making noises at night, urinating and defecating on your ceiling plaster causing stains and horrible odours you will see the problem.

This is where ABC Pest Control comes in handy for possum removal in North Ryde. We at ABC Pest Control have been removing possums for over 18 years in North Ryde and the local surrounding communities.

Because possums are protected animals they cannot be killed intentionally. This is why you need to catch them to successfully remove them from your premises. We provide an affordable, effective and quick solution for possum removal in North Ryde.

Sleep soundly at night without possums rummaging through your roof and have them removed in the same day with our fantastic same day possum removal service in North Ryde.

For any further enquires or to book your same day possum removal service in North Ryde, please call us today.

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